Join TactoTek and our partners for IMSE Days 2.0. 

Our inaugural event attracted OEMs and their suppliers from around the world–leaders in automotive, appliances, and IoT. Experts in each facet of IMSE technology–design, materials, equipment, processing and testing, and brands differentiating their products with IMSE technology–shared their knowledge and insights.

Whether you are just beginning to explore IMSE technology, ready to start your first project, or looking to manufacture IMSE parts at scale, IMSE Days 2.0, and the community joining the event, are your best resources. We welcome you to join us.

Early Bird Registration is now closed. Standard Registration fee is €200. You can find videos of TactoTek presentations at last year’s event here.


IMSE Days 2.0 Agenda

Please download our preliminary agenda from here:

IMSE Days 2.0 agenda