Blog: Aligning Brand Identity with Company Evolution and Growth
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Blog: Aligning Brand Identity with Company Evolution and Growth

Blog post by Heini Tuorila, Director of Marketing at TactoTek


TactoTek was established in 2011. In seven years we’ve come far. We have developed into a well-known growth company rather than a start up, and it was time to refresh the core of our brand and visuals to look professional inside out as we’ve become a global leader in the field.

When the brand is out of date and doesn’t measure up to the level of expertise anymore, it affects the perceptions of the company. Thus, we wanted to step up and reflect our acknowledged position and our extensive growth in the market a bit better.

People respond to design, and expect the company brand to represent the level of quality they see in their services. Yes, it’s subjective. Yet you know that when you see something beautiful, elegant, sophisticated, attractive or engaging, you respond. It’s all about the visuals. Our brains process visuals 60,000 times faster than words. So it’s not unimportant how well our web pages are coded or how we present the solutions we offer. All expressions of the brand must be designed for consistency, to build recognition and increase response. In a beautiful and professional manner. Reflecting global quality. Clearly stating that we are one of the best.

We started with redesigning our logo. The brand is obviously more than a logo, colour or slogan, yet the logo is the thumbprint of a brand. The perception of a brand is also more of emotion than of fact – we continued to match all our communications with the existing strategy, followed by redesigning and coding the whole web page from scratch. All marketing elements from typography and accent colours up until our tone of voice – everything were carefully thought through.

Marketing is also about supporting other functions of the company. Sales and management need their sales decks, imaginary and other collaterals rebranded as well. Social media need its marketing elements well in order. HQ interiors and demo rooms need to match. Advertising, trade shows, power points and different templates must follow.

A good and well designed brand makes your life easier. It gives us competitive advantages for positioning, and a recognisable tone of voice for everything we do. We are so proud of our new looks. It’s relevant and inspires our clients and partners, is truthful about the company as well as our products and services. Have we succeeded in our mission, what do you think?

Take a look at our website: TactoTek new website

A brand needs ongoing love and attention. Welcome to the ever-changing, constantly evolving world of marketing and branding.

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