Leverage from the EU for TactoTek IMSE SiP

TactoTek Oy has developed and commercialized the ability to integrate printed electronics and standard electronic components within 3D injection molded plastics – injection molded structural electronics (IMSE®). With IMSE technology, embedded features like controls, sensors, illumination, and communications are integrated into a device’s plastic surface. To increase the smartness of IMSE pieces, TactoTek has developed a proprietary system-in-package (SiP) solution that enables integrating system electronics into the IMSE molded structures. In the Tactotek IMSE SiP project, the company invests in IMSE SiP software and production capability.

The SiP project is partly funded by the Sustainable Growth and Work 2014-2020 – Finnish Structural Funds Program (European Regional Development Fund) and the North Ostrobothnia ELY Centre.