TactoTek Advances Injection Molded Structural Electronics (IMSE) with Partnerships

TactoTek validates materials, electronics, equipment and designs for IMSE solutions

OULU, FINLAND (10 April 2018) TactoTek®, the leading developer of injection molded structural electronics (IMSE™) solutions, announced its IMSE Partner program for producers of materials, electronic components, equipment, and design tools used in IMSE solution design and production.

IMSE solutions deliver electronic functions such as touch controls, communications and lighting within thin, 3-dimensional molded structures in which electronics are encapsulated in, and protected by, injection molded plastics.

Many of the materials and equipment used in IMSE solutions are the same as used to produce standard cosmetic surfaces and electronics. Because IMSE solutions combine materials into single integrated molded structures, TactoTek does extensive testing to confirm that solutions perform to customer requirements and relevant design rules. In addition, TactoTek collaborates with many partners to optimize their products for IMSE use to improve solution performance and further expand design freedom.

“TactoTek IMSE Partners share our commitment to transforming electronics design and production with IMSE solutions,” said Dave Rice, TactoTek SVP of Marketing. “Our partners’ have products that have been validated by TactoTek to be ready to build IMSE solutions or they are actively engaged with us in certification testing and optimizing their products for IMSE use cases.”

TactoTek IMSE Partners are leaders in their respective fields, including: DuPont, MacDermid, Covestro, Essemtec, Inkron, Pröll, Cypress Semiconductor, Niebling and many others.

TactoTek has unparalleled experience designing and producing a wide range of IMSE solutions—from automotive controls to flexible wearable electronics. TactoTek documents materials databases and design geometries to expand its IMSE knowledge base of design rules. Design rules used by TactoTek will be available in a TactoTek IMSE add-on module for Dassault Systémes 3D Experience in 2019 and will enable CATIA users to independently design IMSE solutions.