TactoTek CTO to Reveal Mass Producible Injection Molded Structural Electronics Innovations at IDTechEx Printed Electronics Europe

TactoTek Technology Leader Will Present Innovations That Enable Mass Production Scalability of Injection Molded Structural Electronics (IMSE)—3D Smart Plastic Surfaces

OULU, FINLAND – TactoTek, a leading manufacturer of 3D injection molded structural electronics (IMSE) solutions today announced that it will present production innovations that deliver mass production scalability at the IDTechEx Printed Electronics Europe conference in Berlin, Germany on 27-28 April. TactoTek combines flexible printed circuitry and discrete electronic components to build fully integrated 3D injection molded ‘smart surfaces.’ The TactoTek solution can be applied to diverse markets and use cases, from automotive to household appliances and wearable technology.

According to TactoTek CTO and co-Founder, Antti Keränen, materials innovations in the injection molded electronics ecosystem, including advances in conductive inks and in-mold labeling films, have expanded use cases and improved yield for 3D injection molded structural electronics (IMSE) solutions. Meanwhile, TactoTek “has developed unique combinations of design methods, materials and manufacturing processes that enable mass manufacturing economies using industry standard equipment, some of which are referenced in TactoTek patent filings.”

TactoTek innovations enable key processes, such as electronic component surface mounting, to be done in two dimensions using standard SMT equipment and electronic components—one key to cost effective mass production.

According to John Voultos, global business development leader, DuPont Advanced Materials (DuPont), “DuPont offers the only full suite of in-mold electronic inks designed to make electronics lighter, less expensive, and more beautiful by reducing the need for rigid circuit boards. Our inks can simplify structures significantly while opening the door for more creative design possibilities. We are pleased that TactoTek’s 3D design and manufacturing expertise, including integrating ICs, are helping to make in-mold electronics a reality.”

DuPont, the leading supplier of conductive inks, will also present its conductive ink capabilities and performance at Printed Electronics Europe. TactoTek’s solutions can integrate printed circuitry, printed touch controls and discrete electronic components, such as LEDs and ICs, into light, 3D injection molded plastics as thin as 2mm. By incorporating circuitry and electronics directly into plastic structures, TactoTek enables brands to design innovative form factors and consolidate electronics into a single 3D structure while minimizing electrical and mechanical assembly inherent to traditional electronics designs.

TactoTek prototypes and manufactures products in its Oulu, Finland, factory that includes a complete, vertically – integrated production capabilities; mass production can be performed by TactoTek or TactoTek -licensed production partners.