What are the verified material combinations? What components can I use? What are the target manufacturing process outputs?

    All this and more will be provided by the IMSE Builder – a comprehensive package for IMSE manufacturing and quality assurance. With IMSE Builder you will learn IMSE specifics for materials and components, and how to process IMSE structures in production.

    IMSE Builder consists of manufacturing & testing guidelines, IMSE job instructions, material stack datasheets, and component datasheet amendments.


In the first IMSE Builder module we present the fundamentals of IMSE technology that provide a framework on which to build your IMSE manufacturing knowledge. IMSE technology introduction guides you through the foundations of IMSE design process, system elements, manufacturing, production processing steps, materials, and electronic components.

manufacturing & testing guidelines

The manufacturing and testing guidelines provide you with an overview to IMSE manufacturing process, testing and quality assurance.

material stack            datasheets

Material stack datasheets provide you the details of verified material combinations. With the material stack datasheet you will learn the target manufacturing process outputs for each IMSE manufacturing phase.


Component datasheet amendments provide you the IMSE specific details that are required for designing the component footprint and adhesion pattern that is optimized for IMSE manufacturing process.