IMSE™ Building Blocks

You can use our IMSE platform and functional building blocks to create your own, customized product. We can create IMSE functionality with surfaces of plastic, wood, leather, and other materials suitable the use case and environment.

Ambient Illumination & Light Icons

Ambient lighting is used for creating indirect decorative lighting effects with areal illumination. Ambient lighting elements are integrated within functional human to machine interfaces.

Illuminated indicators are used to provide users system status information, for example “button is pushed”. Typical size for indicator is 1-3mm.

Illuminated icons combine a light source with a specific illuminated graphical element. Illuminated icons can be combined with touch functionality. Typical size for illuminated icon is 5-10mm.

Touch Buttons & Sliders

TactoTek® touch features include e.g. capacitive touch buttons and sliders. These are very user friendly and intuitive user interfaces, giving the user a sense of familiarity for the different functionalities.

Wireless Connectivity

Printed antennas follow the 3D contour very close to the surface which improves antenna performance. TactoTek® connectivity features include e.g. near field communication (NFC), wireless local area network (WLAN) or Bluetooth (BT).

Printed Traces & Circuity

IMSE technology turns plastics into smart surfaces by integrating flexible printed circuitry and electronic components like LEDs into 3D injection molded structures using standard high-speed manufacturing methods and equipment. This enables scalable mass production, with standard high-speed manufacturing methods and equipment.

Surface Materials

TactoTek® surface materials include plastic surfaces as well as treated wood and veneer surfaces. High gloss, piano black or matt surfaces are bringing luxury and functionality on unexpected surfaces.


TactoTek® sensor features include e.g. proximity and gesture sensors. These enable intuitive user controls without necessarily having to touch the surface of the HMI.