How does IMSE differ from conventional electronics? How to optimize the layout for IMSE parts? Can I create multi-layered structures?

    All this and more will be provided by the IMSE Designer – a comprehensive package for IMSE design.

    With IMSE Designer you will learn IMSE specifics from all IMSE design disciplines: Illumination, Mechanics & Tooling, Electronics & Embedded Software, Antenna, and Print & Graphics.

    IMSE Designer consists of design guidelines and design application notes.


In the first IMSE Designer module we present the fundamentals of IMSE technology that provide a framework on which to build your IMSE design knowledge. IMSE technology introduction guides you through the foundations of IMSE design process, system elements, manufacturing, production processing steps, materials, and electronic components.


IMSE Designer Electronics and Embedded Software Design module describes how to integrate system control electronics with in-mold printed electronics and components. Electronic compatibility of parts is a crucial element of IMSE Electronics design, and this requires comprehensive IMSE-specific design thinking to create optimal implementations.


IMSE Designer Illumination Design module describes the entire IMSE illumination design process, including methods, design flow, workflow, component selection,  manufacturing, and design verification and validation. Compared with conventional electronics, IMSE enables illumination within extremely thin parts because separate mechanical structures, such as light pipes, are not needed and LEDs are integrated within the in-mold structure.


The IMSE Designer Antenna Design module presents how to achieve optimal antenna performance in an IMSE structure. While conventional antenna design principles apply to IMSE antenna design, the IMSE structure enables superb antenna performance due to more freedom in antenna location, size and isolation from interference. These and other antenna design improvements enabled by IMSE technology are thoroughly presented in the IMSE Designer Antenna Design module.


IMSE Designer Print & Graphics Design module is all about creating durable, easily variable and efficiently manufacturable parts with smart surfaces. You will learn how you can use conventional print design principles combined with IMSE knowledge to take your design to the next level.


IMSE Designer Mechanics Design module expands your palette of design possibilities as it guides you through IMSE mechanics design principles and process flow. You will learn how product development methods and materials familiar from conventional mechanics design and manufacturing are combined in new ways to create IMSE solutions that stand out.