IMSE™ Use Cases

Technology meets usability

IMSE™ is horizontal technology. IMSE building blocks such as high quality 3D decorative surfaces, printed circuits, antennas, lighting and touch controls can be combined into solutions for use cases as diverse as automotive control panels, home appliance styling, industrial controls, and wearable solutions.

IMSE construction unlocks new design possibilities — differentiating shapes, innovative features, conformal shapes delivering electronic functions in new locations and simplified construction. If your products include injection molded plastics and electronics, we look forward to discussing how TactoTek® technology can help you achieve your design objectives.





“Wearable Technology, the Internet of Things and other new applications of electronics cannot be adequately served by the 100 year old components-in-a-box approach. Lightweight, shaped, rugged, structural construction, where TactoTek excels, is essential. It will be invaluable in electric vehicles for example.”

Dr Peter Harrop IDTechEx, author of the report
”Structural Electronics 2015-2025″