Usability and style: key drivers of consumer satisfaction and demand.

User experience no longer relates to individual products alone. Consumers are bombarded by the number (and inconsistency) of individual user interfaces they navigate every day. There is a desire for a consistent living environment where everything is in synergy, be it your car, home or office.

Meanwhile, consumers have responded to even modest design innovation, such as subtle curves in appliance fascia, that differentiates products.


IMSE™ is an ideal solution for creating beautiful human-machine interfaces that not only look amazing, but also provide utmost usability. With IMSE the core hardware of the HMI is easily standardized, whereas the look and feel is then efficiently customized with different surface materials and printing layouts.

In addition, IMSE supports shapely designs either impractical or impossible with traditional electronics structures. Because IMSE electronics are encapsulated within injection molded plastic, they are inherently protected from vibration, debris and moisture. In addition, IMSE electronics are thin, leaving more volume for other uses.