Feature-rich functionality, reliability and beautiful decorative surfaces are core requirements for visible automotive parts. Light weight, durable, space-saving solutions that are easily integrated support design goals.

Cars are equipped with massive number of HMI functions with buttons, switches and lighting. How can we build a stylish, seamless, comforting driving environment with the electronic features and controls consumers expect?

Welcome to IMSE™.


Reducing electronics weight by 70% or more, and assembly depth by up to 90% creates tremendous opportunities for car makers to respond to consumer demand for electronic functionality while meeting core engineering objectives and design requirements.

Decorative parts such as vehicle door trim and cover panels, locations too thin for traditional electronic structures, can be transformed into beautiful, fully-functional smart surfaces with touch controls, lighting, and other electronic functions.

Meanwhile, traditional electronics such as overhead console panels can be transformed to thin, low profile, light-weight structures without compromising features.