Wearable devices must be easy to use, and virtually unnoticeable to wear – daily. In use they often they must survive harsh environments: brutal heat, punishing cold, sweat, impact and more. Then they get washed!

What’s more, high quality data is essential: each activity needs to provide the right set of data and be analyzed according to its specific performance metrics.


IMSE™ parts offer flexibility, shock resistance: they can be bent and dropped, and can be used in virtually any environment. IMSE sensors can be located where they need to be to capture accurate data and enhance value of a wearable solution. Printed antennas can be easily added directly on to the skin of the structure and protected within injection molded plastics. At the end of the day, you can throw your apparel with IMSE technology to the washing machine without blinking an eye.


One of the IMSE success stories in such products is Suunto Movesense. Co-developed by Suunto and TactoTek®, this product showcases a perfect example of elegant, durable wearable technology that meets the highest requirements. Movesense Connection Bridge sensor is 100% in-molded, thus 100% weatherproof smart sensor. Typically integrated into apparel, it will function with you, seamlessly and unnoticed – both in the everyday life and your great outdoor adventures!

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