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IMSE Days is an event for collaborative knowledge sharing and relationship building across the in-mold electronics ecosystem. Our shared objective, whether you are a manufacturer or a brand:  to help you excel with in-mold electronics.


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IMSE Days 2.0





Engineered for style, function and durability

TactoTek® transforms how electronics are designed and produced with injection molded structural electronics (IMSE™).

IMSE™ solutions seamlessly integrate printed circuitry and electronic components within 3D injection molded plastics. Surface materials include durable cosmetic plastics and elegant natural materials, including natural wood.

IMSE solutions span industries, from automotive to home appliances, industrial systems to wearable technology, and more.

Interested in smart molded structures? You’ve come to the right place.

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Electronics make up ever-increasing amounts of product content, features and value in many markets. Product designers and engineers must deliver the electronic functions users want for controls, connectivity and styling. Whether you need elegant smart surfaces, or rugged intelligent components, IMSE™ is the solution for integrating electronic functionality within molded structures.

Building Automation Solutions

Building Automation


IMSE™ brings electronic functionality to shapes and places impractical or impossible for traditional electronics. Because they can conform to complex shapes and are very thin, with IMSE™, designers have the freedom to add electronic functions where they choose, and in shapes that support their design vision.

Consumers value thin, sleek devices. Engineers appreciate reducing volume and shedding weight. IMSE™ solutions reduce bulk and weight by using structural electronics to provide strength where it’s needed and intelligence where it’s used.

Wearable Solutions, case Movesense



TactoTek adapts customer designs into IMSE™ solutions and develop mass production ready prototypes that can be produced by TactoTek® or a licensed manufacturing partner. Soon, you too will be able to design your own TactoTek® IMSE™ solutions with IMSE Designer™.